India Centric expertise and network

Deep insights on Indian economy and capital market. Extensive network to gain market intelligence and conduct research.

Research Orientation

Proprietary model to integrate commercial lending approach with equity investing. Primary aim is to preserve capital. Rigorous due diligence to understand businesses, and apply India centric valuation model.


Ensuring clients’ interest

Our primary aim is to preserve capital. If we can’t find appropriate investment opportunities, we will prefer to be on cash than risk a permanent loss of capital. We invest only in businesses we understand. Our clients’ money is treated as our own. 

Rigorous compliance to independent research standards

We don’t have any investment banking or other consulting relationships with companies those are the subject of our reports. We don’t receive any compensation from the subject companies. We don’t generate any trading commission by initiating coverage on any company. Our research is completely independent, unbiased and objective.